Prirodno je uvijek u trendu Proizvedeno po tradicionalnim i ekološtim standardima iz hrasta starog i do 600 godina
O nama

Furniture Company Masivni namještaj is specialized in manufacturing all types of furniture from centennial and fossil oak. Rustic flooring is also made out of the same material. Their products are ecological and mostly manufactured out of special types of wood. Traditional tools, natural polish, waxes and oil are the only equipment used for processing material.

When company founders realized that no one in Croatia is involved in manufacturing furniture from centennial and fossil oak, they decided to offer the product with highest ecological and esthetical standards. Instead of manufacturing things like chairs, some works of art, sculptures and jewellery which were already in market, the company has developed a concept that encompasses all types of furniture for apartments, houses, interior decoration and small hotels diverse restaurants and business buildings

The basic idea resulted on the fact that the centuries old fossil oak is the best material for making massive furniture and that its quality can be reconciled with the demands of modern markets.  Especially during the last decade, the furniture is treated in a fashionable manner. Namely, as shown by a number of world fairs, such as avant-garde furniture

IMM Cologne in Germany in Cologne (Europe's largest furniture fair) massive oak furniture and style that is commonly called (rustica) has become increasingly fashionable, especially because the design solutions can easily fit into the trendy shapes and lines. In all, this material provides solidity and durability, and therefore, in the case of a classic design possesses timeless value.

O nama

Company Masivni namještaj especially carefully study the benefits of material from which the furniture is made. The centuries-old oak, and especially that fossil (called abonos) due to its mechanical, chemical, and aesthetic properties, is a much demanded tree, in the production of art and design of instruments, as well as for exterior and interior decoration of houses, apartments, office buildings and boats. Ebony wood is especially valued when making expensive massive furniture and carvings. Its most important characteristic is, durability and oldness for it is the reason of priceless art material, has a high decorative value and a great solidity, being  thus, practical and eternal.

Being a special material only for an exclusive product, the company gave special attention to design. Collaboration with several young designers and some renowned names quickly yielded original solutions that have already found application in furnishing apartments and various facilities. It is interesting to mention that the company produces furniture for Berlin's iconic restaurant Ciao, and crosses which, through a U.S. congressman, received President Barack Obama.

From the initial idea, the company “Masivni namještaj” today has grown into a well-organized producer with a small, fully equipped with modern machinery, having a manufacturing premise in Zagreb, and ten employees and an exhibition and sales space in Zagreb Hotel I. The company is primarily oriented to cooperate with architects and wholesalers, and sellers of furniture, but is also open to all kinds of cooperation.

Company “Masivni namještaj” will regularly exhibit their assortment and be available for all contacts at the biggest domestic trade fair “Ambijenta”. Because of the growing popularity of rustic style and rarities from the centuries-old oak and fossil, the company is prepared to give a presentation at the largest European trade fairs in Cologne and Milan.

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